Ich liebe die “what do you wear” - Reihe von selenapb's Blog. Sie geht durch die Strassen und fragt die Leute was sie tragen und speziell, wieso dass sie genau das tragen was sie tragen. Hier eine Q & A mit Kiara und Geraldine. Von mir ein Kompliment für deine Mühe und deine Post's! 

Fashion Streeters Zürich – May 2013

I hit the streets of Zürich to discover what people are wearing and a little bit of why they liked it. I was delighted that most people were willing to talk with me and share a little bit about their clothing with me. It was fascinating to explore the colours and textures that people are wearing on the streets this spring!

Kiara (law student) and Geraldine (student of international relations)

Q – Kiara, what are you wearing today?

A -  I am wearing a pink blazer, a white tank top, a beige scarf, jeans and pink shoes.

Q – Can you tell me where you got these things?

A – Most everything is from Zara and the shoes are from Tod’s.

Q – Geraldine, what are you wearing today?

A – I have a sweater from En Soie, pants from Zara, and the shoes, I can’t remember where I got them from.

Q – Kiara, in your opinion, what your favourite thing that Geraldine is wearing today?

A – The sweater, because it’s cool.

Q – And Geraldine, what do you think is the favourite thing Kiara is wearing?

A – The shoes, because I have the same ones!

*This series of photos is inspired from a column called “Fashion Streeters” published in the Gateway newspaper, an idea put together from Julianna Damer and Dan McKechnie. Please also note that all conversations were translated from Swiss German or High German into English, and therefore some liberties may have been taken during my translation.*