ristashrestha hat sich mit einem sehr bekannten Zürcher Turm beschäftigt. Wir sprechen hier nicht vom Statussymbol “Prime Tower”, sondern von unserm allseits geliebten Freitag Tower an der Geroldsstrasse. Die sorgfälltig zusammengetragenen Info’s lasse ich euch hierbei mal stehen. :

Freitag flagship store, Zurich. Designed by Annette Spilmann/ Harald Echsle - A design in keeping with their stock. The store is built from recycled, rusty freight containers, reinforcing the message of their unisex bags made from recycled truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and seat belts. Just like their stock the design is individual and environmentally friendly at the same time. With the first four floors dedicated to various bags across four containers for levels 1 - 2 and then across two containers for level 3 - 4, the shape shifts to just one container for levels 5 -9 stacked on top of one another leading to a viewing platform with some beautifully breath taking views.